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We highly recommend you consult a qualified, trustworthy Manitoba immigration lawyer like link here to your website before you fill out any paperwork or make any decisions.  Also we have a great doctor in Manitoba who can perform necessary medical checks for immigration visas.

Moving to Canada and immigrating from your home country can be daunting, and we can understand. We went through the exact same immigration process in Canada that you are going to go through. Canada has some strict, but straight-forward laws when it comes to immigration.

We would like to help out our fellow immigrants, and perhaps offer some guidance to our fellow immigrants who need some advice when it comes to moving to Canada, and navigating the pitfalls and trenches of Canadian immigration law.

We have compiled a list of the most important Immigration Services in Canada.

Here are some simple pointers to help you navigate the treacherous waters of immigration.

  1. If you want to work in Canada while you are waiting for permanent residency, be sure to apply while inside the country if you can. If you move to Canada after applying from your home country, it will be impossible to get a work permit from inside the country without support from a company inside Canada.
  2. If your spouse is Canadian, immigration laws are so much easier, as this offers you a true benefit of a Canadian citizen sponsoring you. There will be a page coming to help you and your spouse enter Canada legally and without the hassle of being restricted by work permit visas.
  3. The typical wait times for immigration applications are around two years. You should be prepared to not be able to work for at least 18 months if you are ineligible for a work permit visa in Canada.
  4. Be honest in your criminal background check. If you have been convicted of a crime in your country it does not necessarily mean an automatic refusal of entry into Canada, but lying on your residency application does constitute a federal offense, and will automatically result in your deportation from Canada.
  5. Never engage in work in Canada if you are not authorized to do so. If you are found to be working illegally in Canada, it will automatically result in your immediate deportation and refusal to enter the country for up to five years.
  6. Volunteering is a great way to work in Canada and get experience, without the worry of being caught working illegally in Canada. Volunteering is 100% legal for immigrants who are not yet able to work. You can find out more about community volunteering from local community centers, the paper or websites who specialize in volunteering in your area.
  7. An internship, or any kind of work for a company that could have paid a Canadian citizen instead of allowing you to work is considered illegal. You must not trust even employers who say they wont report you, or that it’s OK to work for them for free. It is not OK, and you may be caught.

More tips to come in the following weeks and months. I hope you found these first batch of tips helpful. I will consider it a success if you decide to move to Canada and enjoy the wonderful life here.

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